Abdominal procedures include but are not limited to exploratory laparotomy, splenectomy, extrahepatic portosystemic shunt attenuation, liver lobectomy, cholecystectomy, biliary diversion procedures, gastrotomy, enterotomy, intestinal resection and anastomosis, subtotal colectomy, gastropexy and partial gastrectomy for gastric dilatation vulvulus or tumor excision.

Urogenital procedures include but are not limited to cystotomy, partial cystectomy, nephrectomy, ureterotomy, neoureterocystostomy, perineal urethrostomy, prescrotal urethrostomy, urethral prolapse, vulvar fold resection, and mastectomy.

Herniorrhaphy procedures are offered for all types of hernias; diaphragmatic, inguinal, hiatal, perineal, umbilical, and traumatic abdominal.

Aural procedures include but are not limited to lateral ear canal resection, vertical ear canal resection, ventral bulla osteotomy, ear canal ablation and bulla osteotomy, and pinnectomy.

Upper respiratory procedures include but are not limited to stenotic nares correction, elongated soft palate resection, cleft palate repair, tonsillectomy, arytenoid laryngoplasty procedures for laryngeal paralysis, arytenoidectomy, vocal fold resection, extraluminal tracheal stenting, and nasal planum resection.

Thoracic procedures include but are not limited to exploratory thoracotomy, PDA ligation, PRAA transaction, subtotal pericardectomy, thoracic duct ligation, and lung lobectomy.

Neurologic procedures include but are not limited to thoracolumbar hemilaminectomy, cervical ventral slot, disc fenestration, lumbosacral laminectomy, vertebral fracture/luxation stabilization, and myelogram.

Musculoskeletal procedures include but are not limited to lateral imbrication stabilization of anterior cruciate ligament rupture, patella luxation correction, joint luxations, open and closed reduction techniques, femoral head and neck excision, arthrodesis, amputation, fracture stabilization, OCD curettage, FCP/UAP excision, corrective osteotomy, mandibulectomy, maxillectomy, and TPO.

Endocrine procedures include but are not limited to thyroidectomy, parathyroidectomy, adrenalectomy, and insulinoma excision.

Integumentary procedures include but are not limited to mass excision, advancement and rotational flaps, and grafts.

Ocular adnexal procedures include but are not limited to eyelid mass excision, prolapsed gland of the third eyelid reduction, and nictitans eversion correction.


Services and Procedures

During Dr. Larsen's career in referral private practices, it came to her attention that many veterinary practitioners would like to offer various surgical services to their patients in their own hospitals and clinics, instead of referring them to an outside veterinary facility. In November 2006 Dr. Larsen established Pacific Veterinary Surgery Services, a mobile surgery service. PVSS is pleased to offer veterinarians a wide array of surgical procedures to help meet patient needs in the setting of the in-house animal hospital.

Some of the surgery procedures offered include abdominal procedures, urogenital, herniorrhaphy, aural procedures, upper respiratory, thoracic, neurologic, musculoskeletal, endocrine, integument, and ocular adnexal procedures.

Dr. Larsen would be pleased to discuss the services Pacific Veterianary Surgery Services is offering and provide you with further information. Please feel free to contact PVSS, so that a convenient time might be arranged to discuss your needs.